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Hello, my name is Damien. And I don’t usually talk about my private life, because since I was kid, I was always shy, and as I grew older, it seemed I get more and more shy and drawn into myself. Having a girl was never an option for me, and I thought that was normal so it was never a problem for me not having a girl.

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But there was time I really wanted it, and went with friends to bars. Clubs etc. but still nothing, they got girls and I haven’t, wich made me even more miserable. So I stopped doing that and just stay at home a lot and didn’t had much social life at all. Just me and internet.



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Surfing the internet one day, I came across a story of 2 people fallen in love over internet, my first thought that it was fake and haven’t pay much attention to it. And one night I was thinking what if it wasn’t fake, what if its real! I was so hyped and tried it first thing in morning. Found a lot of fake sites, and I could not just trust if the girl is real or not. Then I came across cam site, where girls are actually chatting with you with camera turned on, and I could see with who I was chatting!

I tried with few girls but we didn’t seem to have anything in common, until there was one girl wich I thought we could not have anything in common. But we did, and as more and more we talked, I realized I was falling in love. And next few chats I was afraid to express my feelings at all, because I never did it LOL. So next time I asked her if she would like to meet…

Of course she said yes! I was so surprised that a girl actually wanted to go to date with me, but again, I was scared if she is doing it just for fun and that would not show up. But I decided to give it a go, what could I lose. I waited for her at a bar where we decided to meet. She was late 15 minutes, and I already started to feel bad, and started to pack to go home, but then there she was, I could not describe how happy I was at that moment, we hugged and she sat across me, and I stared at her, just could not believe she was there!

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We had amazing night, and I could not realize that I was so relaxed with a girl, maybe it was because of her, that made me so relaxed and that she looks inside of a man, and not how he is from outside. We went home and I could not sleep of excitement! Tomorrow I sent her message if she would want to go on a date with me again, she said yes! I thought this could be a real relationship.

The day was same as last time and I was more relaxed, and even tried to kiss her on lips at end of date, and she was up for it. So I guess we are in relationship from that point. We are now together for 2 years, and who would have ever know that I could meet a girl of my dreams online on camera dating site, its just amazing. If anyone have a problem like me, with lack of confidence, you are welcome to try datecamgirl.net, IT CHANGED MY LIFE!

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Only persons that don’t like this type of meeting or something like this. Are the people that haven’t tried it, or are too proud or scared of change. Not everything has to be that bad, and people should not focus on bad experience in their life or someone other`s. Me for example, I had low chance with woman, and I always had more courage when I talked with woman online.

And living in Houston, the most beautiful city at night, with all the buildings and people, I could not imagine myself living in any other city. But there is also a lot of people living here, and finding the right girl is nearly impossible. So ever since I was teenager I knew my only chance is online dating lol. And since I found out there is a datecamgirls.net, I was hooked right away!

I joined a lot of dating sites, but it was only chat, I was so shocked when I found out there is datecamgirls.net, which will be new experience even for me. I could not wait till i start to make profile there. And there were lots of girls, a lot of types, and all were on camera. Some didn`t liked me, and so I didn’t liked. But eventually like in all things, you are going to meet woman that have something in common with.

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And I did, met a nice girl, that was shy of course like me, so we had that in common, but talking online and seeing her, was totally different than real, so we both had some kind of fake confidence lol. And talking online like that was nice, I could do it all night with her. It passed some time, and neither her or me ever mentioned a meeting for real, maybe we just liked talking online, or she was waiting on me to ask for it, and she thought I had no confidence for it, or she just waited, because that is man thing to do lol.

Eventually I asked her out of course, because I wanted to meet her so bad! And she said of course, and asked me what took me so long haha. Well didn’t want to rush it, and wanted to make sure she really wanted to meet me and that she is into me. And she smiled, we had a fantastic night! Of course we met again, and this time she asked for a second meeting.

She wasn’t a girl that you could easy meet at some club or a bar, chances of me and her meeting somewhere like that is nearly impossible, but thanks to the site that we both joined, it was easy to meet a girl like that and get comfortable fast, and see her actually. We both like that idea how we met, we are not shy about, we are still in relationship and don’t plan to break it.

We just work together nicely. She is a friend for life, as I assume I am for her. I know it takes a bit more time to trust a girl like that, online, but I saw her and knew with who I am chatting, so it made everything easier for both of us, we overcame confidence problem easy, together. And from that, we just enjoy our relationship together. Friends inspired by my story joined that same site, and some had more luck than others, and some had no luck at all. It all depends what you like and what are you expectations, I had minimum expectations and I was patient, and eventually I found my woman of dreams.

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So I would just recommend everyone this, and don’t listen to a lot of hate comments out there, because some people don’t believe anything, and you can use your own opinion like I did. And it didn’t cost me anything expect a bit patience like everything in world, and I got rewarded. So listen to yourself like I did and you won`t have any problems. Not just with this site, with anything in life. Datecamgirls.net worked for me because I wanted it work, so have the same mentality and all will be ok.

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This seem interesting, a normal guy like me, i will try and see if i have any luck like you.
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Awesome man, thank you
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One of my friends is also on that site, maybe it`s time i join in.
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I totally trust this, that is how me and my future husband met, a lovely story :)
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Just enjoyed reading this, a nice way to put it, gratz man!
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Has anyone here tried their luck on site?
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I guess that is good chance for people that work a lot.
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My husband actually met a girl like that when he was younger, he told me story, so i think for some people it works.
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Really love this blog, amazing story, as an romantic soul i love to read something like this.
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Keep going man, love your blog
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I would like to join, did anyone else had experience like this?
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I also heard of these sites, this story got me thinking now even more.
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I love online dating, just gives you another confidence, i am on that site and i love it!
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How can i join that site?
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I too have heard of this site, and i heard a lot of story, but one is far the best!
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Joined today, wish me luck..
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Thanks man, you just gave me motivation for finding the love of my life.
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I am on that site, talked to several man and nothing, but this story gave me hope that there are good and nice man out there, you just need to look for them, amazing story!
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