March 13, 2020

How to get a GIRL of your dreams

By admin

It does not matter how old you are, or where you live and what you do for life, dating can be stressful. It can be unpredictable but also beautiful at the same time. Depends if you love the game and why do you want to find a woman, for one night off to have her for life. And the problem with dating women is old as humankind is, people are mostly shy or just think they are not good enough to date a woman or have one in their life.

Those are all the pressures we put in our mind and they are stopping us to achieve, not only in dating part of life but in other parts of life as well. I believe to get a good dating life and get rid of any negative thoughts, you should go out and try it, just go out and do it. As I am working as a dating coach, I have helped many people. And that is why I say the best way is to go and do it, and people feel much more relaxed doing it if they have someone that had dating experience. It does not have to mean it has to be dating coach or dating expert, just someone that had success at approaching girls on the streets bars or clubs. That is usually a game-changer for them.

But before we go out to the public and try it, I think that every man has to mentally prepare for it. For example, if you go out with the mindset just to find a girl, you will have a bad time, especially if you don’t meet any, or if they are not interested in you. It will make you feel even more miserable and worse than before. And I notice a lot of guys go out like that, with just thought if getting girls and getting drunk.  To find a girl if you go out, you must have a mindset of just getting out to have fun, and girls will notice that. If your mind is set just to meet girls, everyone will feel that kind of energy. But if you go out to have fun, and have a good time, everyone around you will notice that and will want to have the same amount of fun as you do, you will attract people, but that also means you will attract girls too. And with that kind of positive energy, without any pressure, you will have more chances to get girls if that is what you want. And also men that I helped, noticed that they have much more fun going out with friends and not pressuring themselves about having to find girls. They just go out to have fun, and if they meet a girl it`s ok, and if they don’t, it`s still ok. And no matter if they met someone or not, they always come home relaxed and not feeling bad about anything. Of course, for some people, it takes time to develop a mindset like that, but they always do, just as long as you want it. If you can`t develop a mindset like that, the only person to blame is yourself.

With every man that I worked, some achieved it fast, and for some, it took little time. But they all did achieve it and started to enjoy life even out of dating life. I did show them some techniques too, but that is for some other time. Mostly they did it by themself, and they were thankful to me like I gave them another life, but in reality, they did it by themselves. Because they wanted it, that is the most important thing, that you want it. Once you decide that you want it, it`s easier from there, you can hire someone to help you like me, a dating coach, or just go out with friends and practice. You will see results one way or another, you are no different than anyone else. Also, books can help too, it helped lots of people just to decide to change their life for better and boost their confidence. So most important is that you want it, once you get that positive mindset, it will all get easier from there.