March 17, 2020

Get more Confidence with women

By admin

A most common issue is taking control of your life, and even more common is taking control of your dating life, or control how to get to date. The problem is a lack of confidence, and because of that, I see more and more people trying online dating in some way also. I have nothing against online dating but it won`t help you build confidence as you want and need. Some men can even approach girls easy, but when they do, they usually don’t have much interesting to talk about, and just hit a dead end. And sometimes blame it on a girl, and not realizing they are the problem.

People that have an issue with taking control don’t usually have a problem with approaching women, but to me, the problem is that it`s affecting their confidence in some way. Making them think they are not worthy of some woman, and the usual approach women that are looking bad and desperate for a man. And those types of women don’t usually choose with who will she end up with. That is why every man needs some guidance and a positive attitude. You are not a macho man just because you approached a 100s of girls, or had success with super easy girls, or even paid them. You need the right kind of confidence and the right kind of thinking. Don’t think low of yourself, and you should do whatever is in your power to change yourself to better.

Getting up early has helped some people also to get better in life, reading books, socialize in any type of way. What I would recommend the most is just to get out more, get out more with people. It doesn`t have to mean to go out to chase girls right away, it can be just going out with friends or family for a lunch or just for coffee, to get yourself used to being in public and talking to people. Once you get comfortable with that, you just adapt It with a woman. And go slowly, if you start to rush it again you will just get negative answers from woman, and if you get rejected you should receive it like a man, no need to feel bad or to give her bad words right away. The feeling you need to have is to be the same when you be successful with women, and when you get rejected. That is hard to achieve, but once you do, you will be a master of your emotions and will know how to have fun much more. I think a lot of people struggle with taking control, even women because they want a man that has everything under control, but mostly that is not the case, and they want to put themselves in controlling stuff because they like someone.

It just feels more manly to have everything in control. And like I said before, the main thing is to practice socializing, with friends or with family, just to get your confidence boost up. A lot of men also struggle because they think they are not hot enough, or not enough good looking. In some cases, they are right, because if a girl takes control of her body, and trying to stay good looking, she will also want a man like that. I am not saying you just have to go to the gym a lot, run every day or something like that. Just to be at least a little physically active. Because everyone likes to see a nice body, and even better to have a nice body. There are a lot of factors in confidence, but trying to have a better body is always a good way forward.

And you don’t always need a dating coach, or some expert to show you how it`s done, I mean it`s good, but if you try to take steps better as I showed you now, you can do it by yourself, as long as you want that. So dating a girl and boosting confidence is nothing hard, you just need to make small right steps, and don’t be too impatient about it, everything will come its way, you just have to stick to it. And before you know it, you will have a better social life and more luck with a woman.