March 25, 2020

Fear of Rejection?

By admin

Calling a girl you like on a date is not easy at all. But if you want to conquer it, you will have to overcome the fear and fear of rejection. There are countless ways to approach it, and only one is enough for you. After all, if she likes you enough, she will probably agree, no matter which one you choose. You just need a little courage to break the ice and take the first step, then everything is easier. Here are some suggestions and tips on how to make it as easy as possible and increase your chances of accepting your invitation. In general, girls do not like confused guys. Do everything in your power to overcome the fear of rejection and show self-confidence. Even if you are still uncomfortable, try not to look like that. It is the only way to overcome fear and take the first step. After all, what you can get is worth the effort.

It has to start with something. Approach the girl, greet her, meet her, and start the story. Compliment her, ask her something, chat about the situation or environment where you are. It is important to start a conversation. Many signs show if someone is interested. Whether she looks you in the eye, touches your hair, nervously bites her lip and red touches your hand, or stands with her arms crossed – all this tells you if she is interested at all and if you are going in the right direction. You might be surprised how many girls are not sure if an invitation to a drink means an invitation to a meeting or not. There is a lot of room for misinterpretation and that is why it can easily happen that you are not understood correctly, so the girl thinks that you only want company and that you are forever placed in the friend zone. So make it clear to her that you like it, and suggest a time and place go out.

Whatever you are planning for the first meeting, be it a cinema, a concert, a dinner, invite her a few days in advance. That way, she won’t feel like she’s suddenly invited to fill someone’s vacancy.

Forget about the mediator – if you send a friend to invite her to a meeting with you, you will almost certainly get a “no” in response. Show her that you consider her worth your effort, dare, and do it personally. You can also call her on the phone. The voice can be a powerful weapon in conquest. Avoid texting – it says you didn’t make any effort and leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation. If you use online dating sites, try to gain the trust to take the number and then take that first step and call her. As with any conquest campaign, it is important to have a strategy. Be sure to meet her first, so as not to invite her to a meeting as a stranger. To get to know her better, listen carefully to what she is saying and try to remember as much as possible – what she likes and what she doesn’t, what her wishes and plans are, etc. That way you will have guidelines for your plan and know what to do. When you get to know the girl you like better, you will be able to choose the appropriate approach. While some girls like guys who don’t go around, others like it when someone is a little shy and reserved.

Some will be enchanted by the romantic approach, while others will find it pathetic. There are no single rules that apply to everyone, so it’s important to adjust your approach. Although you need to adapt your strategy to the girl you are inviting to the meeting, it is also important to stay consistent with yourself. This means that you should not do anything that is not normal for you. For example. if you’re romantic, you shouldn’t play a macho guy, and vice versa. It is important to find a measure, try to please the girl, and be what you are.

This is one of the easiest variants. Invite her somewhere where the whole company goes – a new club, a house party, etc. That says that you trust her and that you are ready to present her to the company. She will most likely agree. If she rejects you, she probably really has more important obligations. If, for example, you talk about the music you both listen to and mention a concert by a performer you both love, it’s natural to invite her to go together. Or if you talked about ice cream and invited her to go to a pastry shop or bring her favorite, it will send an unequivocal message. If he asks you, “Are you inviting me to a meeting?”, Of course, there is no withdrawal.

If she rejects you once, and it seems to you that she had a more important job, or you think that she was too shy to accept, it is okay to call her again in a couple of weeks. And that is that. Forget the proverbs about perseverance. Anything more than that is violent and acts as persecution.
Accept it manly, with a simple comment like “Okay, maybe another time” and smile. Refrain from vicious and sarcastic remarks. Don’t despair, don’t lock yourself in a room. Do not listen to complaints and do not pour alcohol. With each “no” you are closer to a fantastic “yes” – it’s all just practice and preparation for what’s to come.