March 29, 2020

What to SAY when you approach

By admin

It’s not the biggest problem to approach a girl – everyone knows how to take those few steps, right? The trick is, what to tell her – how to start a conversation, how to pose, how to make her smile! The trick is – what to say!

It is not a cliché and it is quite true that girls fall for funny guys most easily. Now, the problem is that there are different understandings of that concept and not everyone laughs at the same things. For some girls, for example, it can be infinitely charming when a guy approaches her and starts reciting those texts from scrapbooks and lexicons, or asking her questions like: “Is your dad a thief?”, So she is very surprised and says: “Noooo! “And then he says: ‘So who stole the brightest stars and put them in your eyes?'” Or how it goes.

Some girls die laughing at jokes about Chuck Norris and those who tell them thank heaven that there are a million of them. Many have fun looking for mutual friends and acquaintances in conversation, so they are surprised again and again how small this world is. However, I responsibly claim that most girls love and admire spontaneous and intelligent forms. It is not necessary, and by God, not every acquaintance should go through an examination course – name, surname, address, completed school, blah, blah, blah. And what if they both recite their data? Perhaps it is best to have a saved and cover letter where they emphasize their skills, sexual preferences, and expectations from a potential partner.

I know that in situations when you get mad at someone, it’s hardest to be cool and spontaneous, but that’s the only sure way to present yourself in the best light. It is not easy for us girls either when a guy approaches us, to whom we have been hanging out for some time. It is by no means easy for us. We need to position ourselves so that he doesn’t even think of proposing a one night stand, seeing us as perfect for a serious relationship, and being careful not to spill some nonsense. It’s all hard work, for them and us, equally. What my friends and I have certainly summarized is that we are certainly not burned by stories about their nonsense. Let me clarify – when a guy approaches you, for example with another, and they start recounting when, where and how much they killed themselves with alcohol, what kind of shit they did, who slept where and where they woke up. I mean, I believe it’s fun for them and it’s nice to remember crazy outings and student adventures, but those are not the stories that girls fall for.

I can’t even remember any good male stories in particular. Not because there weren’t any, but because those good stories were completely ordinary and spontaneous. Recently, a guy approached my friend, but she didn’t like the first ball. However, he was quite persistent and that was what was most sympathetic of all. In the end, of course, my friend agreed to have a drink, to exchange phone numbers, and to see each other the next day at the cafe – she agreed to everything! I thought for a long time how that guy came from point A (when it seemed silly to her) to point B (when she genuinely liked it). I concluded that risk-taking and relaxation played crucial roles in him.


I don’t think he cared much about what would happen if he didn’t succeed in what he set out to do. Probably in his head, first of all, was to have fun and to entertain someone else (her). On the other hand, I was approached last weekend by a guy with a God-forbid story! Even before he said his name, he started telling me, quite spontaneously, how much he earns in the sheep-breeding business, how beautiful a grilled lamb is, he says we’ll try it together (Aha! Be sure we won`t), and then along the way, he also praised how he drove a tank in the war. All the better than the best!

Such stories, my dear ones, I don’t even know a girl who would be interested. The girls I know despise stories about jobs, earnings, and especially despise stories about “heroism” in “as it were” fratricidal wars. Dating can be complicated and awkward, but then maybe the best way is to continue the story some other time. As one of my friends would say (when he doesn’t know what to say to the girl he approaches): “I had a little drink tonight, and it’s crowded, so I can’t introduce myself to you in the best light. I suggest you give me your number, so we can have coffee tomorrow as people. “