April 2, 2020

Does looks stop you from Dating?

By admin

I am here to tell you that dating isn’t only for good looking people. If you are too fat or too skinny and think you need to gain some weight or lose some weight to be ready for dating, that is not true. Most of the time girls just want someone who will be close to them, hear them, understand their problems, and give them comfort. And with the comfort I don’t mean with money, I mean with making her feel important to you like you will always be there for her.

Once you make a girl feel like that, she will want to spend more and more time with her. And you can show her that kind of behavior from start, even the first time you meet her, at the party, or outside, or at some gathering. And like I said, it does not matter if you are overweight, girls just want to feel important to a man, of course, looks matters, but if you know how to talk to a girl, you will build up enough confidence to start losing weight or gaining if you are skinny. You will get more motivated to work out and look better and be more healthy. Everyone likes to be or look at someone who looks nice, so if you want to approach more attractive girls, and get in conversation with them, you need to look a bit better.

Because the better you look the more confidence you will have. But that doesn`t have to mean, if you see some overweight man with a good looking girl, the first thing you think is that he has a lot of money, and she is a gold digger. But that is not the case always. Maybe they were together for some time, and he got overweight in the meantime, and she still stays with him because she feels love, and understanding from him, she feels accepted. Or she had too much bad man in her life, and she just needed some good person, and he met her right time. So the world is not always what it seems, and you have to look positively, and not in a jealous way. Because once you start to look at things in that way, you won`t be able to communicate with girls how they deserve, and you will always think they want money and nothing else. That is always a bad approach towards a woman and in life general.  And with such an attitude and vibe you will just find and meet that have the same thinking about the world.

Maybe someone is good, but that is not good for health. If a girl you like is with someone else and not with you, it`s not because he has money or looks, it`s because of you, and you alone. You needed to do something more and not just expect her to come to you just like that. Girls like when a man approaches them, and when they feel he is really into them and tries hard to win them. And what kind of man likes an easy girl? A man with low self-esteem just likes to enjoy fake things and fake love. So it does not matter how you look, it important how you are thinking about life, and about relationships in general. You need to have a positive attitude towards life, with that kind of vibe, you will send that kind of energy, and that means you will attract that kind of energy with girls. And when you match with some woman like that, looks won`t be so much important. Or maybe you will have an amazing conversation with a girl, but she won`t want to be with you. But after that, you will feel much motivation to work out or something like that, to improve yourself in a lot of ways, you will understand that you can get girls like that with little more effort.

So I hope I helped you a bit and made you realize what matters, not just in life, but also in relationships. With a positive mind and positive thinking, you will attract a woman like that, no matter if you end up being together or not. You will feel an amazing connection with a girl, and maybe later you will end up together, who knows, life can be good.