May 1, 2020

Should I join a dating site?

By admin

Due to being new in the dating world or just lack of confidence, lots of men and women just decide to join a dating site. Thinking that is their comfort zone. In most cases it is true, it`s the place they feel most comfortable and think they will have a lot more success than dating in real. It feels good when you get to approach a lot of girls online and talking to a lot of them at the same time. But it`s also a much quicker way to realize you don’t like some girl or most likely, some girl doesn’t like you.

Girls have all kinds of natural senses and they can most likely feel if you are talking to her alone, or talking with multiple girls while having a conversation with her. If she notices that, your chances to still keep talking to her or even see her, are way less then it was before. But also if you dedicate all your time to one girl, and she puts you in the friend zone, or just don’t want to meet you, you will feel bad about it, and also bad because you have spent so much time talking to that girl you like. While you could talk to several girls, and if one refuses you, you will have others to continue talking to. It can be a double-edged sword. You never know what can happen and it depends on which type of girls you talk to. In some way, online dating can be amazing for someone, and for someone else, it can be really bad and will have much more luck dating in real.

But I admit, if people have just started with dating, or been too much focused on work, they won`t have too many friends that are willing to just go with them or find and approach some girls. That is also the biggest reason for joining a dating site, and that also means most people online are like that, especially man. For girls, on the other hand, it can be that they are tired of idiots approaching them, or just can`t get rid of them once they approach them. So maybe a safer way for them is also online dating, so there are all types of women online. But as for man, mostly shy or in need of confidence.

Because some man can also think online dating is only for kids and people that can`t approach a girl in real. So if you are a man, it`s much easier to find a girl that you want online. I am sure it will take a bit more time to get a nice connection with a woman, but once you do, it will be a lot easier to talk to her in real and make her go on a date with you. And in these times, if you can notice, lots of people have met online, and prefer that way of dating. Some are shy about it, and some are open about it. And there is nothing wrong with it like I said before, some man just thinks that is a bad approach, and not so manly. But that kind of man thinks they are above them and just don’t know how to relaxed and enjoy their life as they want it. I think dating over online and in reality are mostly the same, because the end goal is the same.

You want to meet a girl that you would like to go on a date with, that will end up either in a one-night stand, or you will end up in long term relationships or even marriage. So the goal is the same, there is no bad way if you have met the love of your life or a person that you become your best friend to even help you in dating life. Since you will be in a relationship with that person, no one else should tell you any different way how you should suppose to meet your loved one. And love can happen anywhere, in real or in online, whenever it happens, does it matters how you have met her, or does it matters more that you have found a person that makes you happy?.