May 3, 2020

Enjoy your Date!

By admin

The first date – from palpitations online to butterflies offline

It fits online. Offline too? Is the crackle still there, do they meet personally now? Does the counterpart also enchant in “real life”? The first date answers many questions. It is a crucial test of whether chemistry is right. For some, it goes on, even more, inflamed for each other, highly motivated. The others are happy about the nice acquaintance, but it won’t be more than that.

Just no false dating shyness– A big advantage for both of you is that you get to know each other very early. Is the first impression you make “live” in front of each other good? Should you further deepen the contact? Or do you find it better to keep looking around?

No matter how it goes on: Enjoy your date– That happens: The omens were great. You couldn’t tell each other enough about each other during online dating. The contact was lively, funny, charming. They were enraptured. The new love seemed found, the meeting only waste. On the date, however, the spark simply cannot jump anymore. It is nice. But that’s all, just nice. The bottom line is that not every great flirt can become a partnership. Even if the first messages and phone calls in advance promised so much more. Do not be discouraged by this for further dates. On the contrary: look forward to a little tingling sensation and a nice afternoon or evening. Just enjoy the friendly conversation in a nice atmosphere, evaluate the new experience as positive. This is exactly what helps you to orientate yourself even better on the way to new love.

Speaking of “ambiance”– Choose a nice, lively place for your first date. A walk, your favorite cafĂ© or a cozy restaurant are ideal: you are in a dynamic, yet a quiet environment that encourages conversation. This is valuable if you can’t think of anything else. So that no unpleasant silence disturbs the good mood, you can pick up on something that is happening around you. If the date turns out to be less promising, it is also easier to separate.

The best start of date: Punctuality– As much as you like to treat yourself to the Academic Quarter on appointments, please do not do so on a date. Be on time. This is not only a matter of courtesy, but you can also use it to demonstrate your reliability. So plan your route with the largest possible time window e.g. Rush hour traffic and finding a parking space. In this way, you are protected against any eventualities that could cause you to appear late.

The balance between telling and not telling– There are also moments on the date when you can keep silent. And always to take back in favor of the other and let him tell. Find a healthy mix of confident storytelling and attentive listening. Respond to your counterpart, ask here and there. If your date is still a bit uncertain and reserved, pick it up a bit with questions and a little chat. If you are interested and invited to talk, the ice will break quickly. Another great effect, to be silent for once: if you want to see each other again, you have enough new and interesting things to tell each other.

Your cell phone is still there after the date– Of course, it is nice when many friends value your company. Or you have a responsible job where your competence is needed. There is certainly a lot to be discussed and organized. In favor of your date, however, all the callers have to stay behind. Because as flattering as it is to be a coveted person: pulling the ringing and/or vibrating cell phone on a date is and remains rude. Your counterpart is only there for you and wants to meet this great person from the online dating site. She deserves your full attention. Special Exceptions confirm the rule: If there are urgent, unpredictable things about which you should be informed, you can use your mobile phone. It is very important to inform your date beforehand that such a call could come. It is unfortunately simply too late to clear up after the phone call.

Goodbye?– Your first date is over. Can a second follow? What does your feeling say Was it a harmonious date that made you blossom? Or do you find that another meeting wouldn’t make much sense? Talk about it openly. Of course, it takes a little effort to overcome if you don’t want to agree to a reunion. Cancellation is as unattractive as it is fair. This way you avoid that the other person has hopes, although he should rather continue to search. Would you be happy about a second date? Then don’t be shy, ask for it or accept it. Take the next step towards new love.