May 5, 2020

6 Tips for the Perfect date

By admin

1. Before the first meeting: would you date yourself?

“If you love to smile, take care of yourself, and overall are happy and happy with your life, you’re a man for a lasting relationship. It sounds trite, but it’s true. How should a woman fall in love with you after your first date when you’re not happy with yourself? Therefore: Before you can grab your dream woman, you first have to be at peace with yourself and create order in your life. Rather, it is about doing something for yourself and giving yourself and your body the recognition and attention it deserves. It also makes sense: women like men who take care of their bodies – so they can be sure that they are in good hands in the hands of men. If your new enthusiasm for fitness and healthy eating has positive side effects such as getting a new side of confidence.

2. Self-reward with a positive side effect

Do you feel challenged in your job, struggling with your housing situation or your haircut? Then change something about it! Inquire about internal career opportunities in your office, write applications, paint your living room walls in your favorite color, and pay a visit to the best stylist in the city for advice. Create the conditions that make you feel more comfortable in your body and your life. Those who treat themselves to changes regularly become more confident – and with the new, positive charisma, they arouse the otherwise possibly missing attention all by themselves

3. Looking for a partner? You decide where to go

The famous first impression counts. So before you make your way to the bar, do not stand in front of the mirror but look forward to the Company of your friends with whom you spend time. Besides, it is much more relaxed to be able to concentrate on the anecdotes of your interlocutors instead of staring at the front door of the bar and looking for a suitable partner.

4. After the first appointment: just do not wait!

It’s just so attractive when a man lives alone and earns for himself, at least to woman, and some woman doesn’t look anything else than that. Still, I think every man should be independent and considering that should choose women like that around him. You live a full, contented life in which you first have to make room for a woman – you can show that. It will come as no surprise to her that she has to earn a permanent place on your calendar. She certainly did not keep the Friday evenings prophylactically free weeks before their first meeting.

5. The first date: stay true to yourself-

On the first date, it`s just important that you don’t pretend. Speaking of “don’t pretend”: common preferences that can be exchanged are always nice. Exciting topics of conversation in a restaurant or cafĂ© are not always there, however. You also don’t have to feign a false interest in his favorite soccer team. But at least listen to her attentively when she raves about it. This shows her that you are trying to contact her. Maybe you both like Greek food, skiing holidays in Switzerland or films by Peter Jackson? The goal of the whole thing is not to increase the list of similarities immeasurably, but rather to find out whether the fun side of the life of two people in a common relationship would tend to decrease or increase. Or do you want to sit on the sofa with a boring copy on Saturday afternoons and watch TV reruns on TV? Hopefully, both of you will agree on the answer to this question.

6. Had success? The first date is over – will the second follow?

At the end of the first date, you are just like the woman from the question: “What’s next?” Is there a good night kiss, passionate kisses or is it going one step further? No matter which variant you choose, the (common) future between you and this woman will certainly NOT be set in stone. Because even the best relationships started with sex the first time they met. But: At least as many couples have probably taken their time for the first time and got to know each other better.