May 6, 2020

Break the Barriers in your Head

By admin

The word “Confidence” is something man most of the time struggles to maintain or to find it within themselves. Maybe you are not a pretty boy and think that only good looking man and pretty faces can have a nice woman. That is wrong, and that is what kills your confidence from inside, and the more and more you think about it, it is just getting worse for you. You can also decide to approach some girls that are not pretty or don’t care about their look, just because you think they are not worthy of any other girl.

That is, of course, wrong, if there is something wrong with your look that you can`t change, you should accept it and wear it with pride. And if it`s something you can change, like your weight, or being too skinny or something with your face, you should do something about it. Nothing sexier to a woman than a man taking action about something he doesn’t like, even about her. So you can always get in a bit of shape, lose/gain weight, start to work out, lift weights, all of those are good confidence boosters and will help someone in need of it. And once you notice body changes to better, you will get even more confidence.

Once you get that confidence barrier, there is a question of how do you ask a woman to go on a date with you, and how to make her find you attractive. The answer is simple, if she is a woman seeking a man, you need to be the man! But not some macho man, that is going to have the reverse effect, she will look at you like a clown trying too hard to get her. Remember, when talking to a girl, she also needs to feel that she has to do something as well to go on a date with you, there is nothing worse than an easy man. So once you hook her, give her some time to show herself in the best light, and believe me she will do that. You have to maintain eye contact so she will know you have confidence, maintain eye contact as long as she is talking, I know I will be hard, but that is man thing to do. She will also look away from a few times and smile, but that is the best sign she can give, you just need to,

I repeat, maintain eye contact as she talks. Don’t ask her too many questions, you want to leave some for other dates if it happens thou. You, of course, have to give the best impression as you can so that the second date can happen, but what can you expect on the first date, should you kiss her or not? I think that if the date is going well you should tell her how you feel about her, if she smiles or agrees with you, be sure she won`t move her head if you go for a kiss, but if you do kiss her, don’t make it too long of a kiss, like before sex, just a few seconds just to appreciate her going out with you. Now that you have kissed, from next, you can, of course, look forward to another date and more positive stuff. You can text her right after a date how you had an amazing night and would like to do it again. She will mostly agree.

And also for when to expect sex, it all depends on the girl, some girls are ok on the first night but it`s rare. While others enjoy romance and enjoy when the man is trying to get her to bed, those for me are the best, but it doesn`t have to mean you will wait too long, just a couple of dates. Likes they say, for everything good, it`s worth fighting for, same as in dating.  The more you fight for a girl, the more you deserve her, but everything in limits.

When you see it won`t happen, and that girls just drag you along with no attention of anything serious, you must again be a man and end it with her. No matter how good looking that girl is, you must have your man pride. Don’t let anyone make a fool of you. So from the start of text till now, you see how confidence changes and archives something in man.