May 8, 2020

Different type of Women

By admin

There are lots of types of women, and you must understand you can`t win them all. Not because they won`t like you, because probably you won`t like some of them too, no matter how good they are.

You might like her because of her look, but once you realize you don’t have much in common, it will just be suffering for both of you, and someone will have to end it, most likely girl. But don’t think she did it because she is above you, it`s just because you don’t have anything in common, and she has done you a favor. So not every woman is for you, and you have to understand that. No matter how pretty she is, to have a relationship that will last, you and your partner need to have an understanding of each other. And the understanding woman can be hard, us man, have mostly one mood entire day, and as for women, they can have like 100 moods per day, and we must approach each differently.

If a woman feels she is not in the center of your attention, or that you are not paying attention, her mood can change quickly. Same as you meet her or approach her for the first time, you need to pay attention to what she said, and how she is talking. She will then understand that you care for her, and will feel more relaxed. Even if your goal is just to sleep with her, you should also pretend that you listen to her carefully, if she also likes one night stands, she will be attracted to you even more. But most man when they approach a woman, just want their number, they don’t even think about kissing her, and I think that is the wrong type of approach. If you approached just to take her number, you should ask that in the first few minutes, if not, you should be with her as long as you notice she is comfortable with you staying.

And if you stayed with her for some time now, you can easily go for a kiss, and you can feel that energy if she is ok with it. Maybe she won`t want the first time, but that is not the reason to stop trying, especially if she hadn’t said anything and continued talking with you. Just try it in a couple of minutes again. She will return the kiss eventually. No girl wants to be easy or to look like a whore, so that is mostly the reason she rejects it. And some woman is not ok with kissing the first time they meet a man, and some are. That is why you have to understand that so it doesn`t hurt your ego. And if you can notice that girls want it, it`s just a matter of time, and it`s on you be patient and not let it hurt you in any way. And some girls are just not interested in dating in any way, and you can see that from the girl, she will send that kind of vibe.

If you come across that girl, you will notice she doesn`t want you, trust me, in that case just politely thank her, and move from her like a gentleman. And of course, search for you another victim lol. But what do you do when you notice a girl is looking at you, should you approach or just let her approach you. First of all, never let a girl approach you, you are a man and you should do a man thing. Go there, introduce yourself, and see if she likes you. If she is with friends I know it will be harder, but if you do it, you will just look even more attractive to her, and especially to her friends. Her friends will get jealous for sure, and your confidence will skyrocket.

So you can see there are many types of man, and I can tell you already don’t like some, but that is life. Some won`t like you, and some you won`t like. And that is how it should be. You just have to keep on pushing and finding the right person, because once you find the right person, nothing else will matter, if you got rejected or embarrassed yourself, all of that will disappear with the right person next to you.