May 12, 2020

What to look in a Girl

By admin

There are lots of experts in dating and talking with a woman, what I have found out that works in most of the time when you want to search your future partner is these few things.

Go out– It all depends on your desires. If you want a party girl, you can easily find her at two o’clock in a disco. Of course, all women like to go out, so you can find both fine and a little less fine ones here. If you are exclusively looking for intellectuals and scientists, then go to the book fair, the library…

Avoid women who do not have female friends– If the girl you like is constantly in the company of men, there is something wrong. Of course, it is normal to have friends, especially if the job requires it, but if she is much closer with friends, and women avoid her, ask yourself. You certainly don’t want your chosen one to spend all day or night in the company of a “best friend”.

Hang out with women who just want your friendship– Swallow your pride. If she’s explicit that she only wants your friendship and nothing else, then hang out then. Who knows what can happen from your friendship, and besides, maybe she will lead you to the ideal girl because she certainly has a couple of interesting friends.

The eyes discover her– There were studies in which the researchers predicted how long the couple would be together and whether they would be in the next five years, and that they only watched them for fifteen minutes together. It may seem ridiculous, but these scientists have been extremely successful. The only thing they did was look into the eyes of both partners. Couples who rolled their eyes were doomed. So watch her eyes as she talks to you, maybe she’s trying to hide something.

Do not ignore the past– You may have thought the opposite, that you shouldn’t care what happened or what your partner did in the past, but believe me and how you should know. One research on relationships revealed something that many avoid. And that is to check the partner’s past. While you are still at the beginning, ask her if she ever cheated on her partner. Even if the answer is yes, don’t jump to conclusions too soon. It doesn’t have to mean that he will cheat in this relationship as well. Inquire a little more and conclude.

Come out with more women– If you are looking for a serious relationship and the right girl for you, go out with more of them. It may seem a little rude to see more of them in the same period, but it will help you to choose the right one. In case you are sure of a single person, do not practice this. However, when you are in a dilemma this can help.

Ask yourself whether the person has chosen is just for you– If you are with a person you like, but you are bothered by her complaints, comments, negative energy, ask yourself well whether it is currently or that person is actually like that. There are many reasons why someone is sensitive, sad…, but if these situations are repeated often, such a person may have problems with himself first.

Ignore irrelevant thing– Does it matter how she dresses, what music she listens to? Of course, it is not. Whether she dresses as if she lived in a monastery or freely has nothing to do with her values. Of course, it is not pleasant for a girl to be trained as a stripper, but first, get to know her well, see what she is like, so if it bothers her so much, you can always find a way to draw attention and correct things.

Try to make progress– All ladies like to feel protected and love the person from the action next to them. The more you try to progress, the more women will be interested in you. Don’t wait for a change to happen on its own, but try to improve in every way. Apart from the fact that you will feel better, you will also be more interesting to the ladies. Meet her friends- You must have known this, but let me remind you. The closer you get to her friends, but also her male friends, the more you will like her. Besides, you will learn more about the person you are with. You know the famous “Who you are with, that’s who you are.”