May 14, 2020

How to Make a Girl notice you

By admin

If I woman wants you, you can notice that from a mile away, by the way, she stands and looks at you. You just can`t miss it. But what can you do that a girl notice that you want her in a specific way, like to want her to rip her clothes off that instant and make her go to your house or apartment? It all depends on where you want to meet your future woman. But no matter where you are going to meet her, the rules or attractions are the same.

Once you realize not every woman will be with you, or that not every woman likes you, then you can go out for your search full of confidence. Knowing even if she refuses you, you won`t be hurt that much and could continue your search right after she refuses you. But you have to be persistent, in a good way, of course, you can also feel when there is no chance with some woman no matter how much you try. In those cases, you can just leave also. But on the other hand, there is some woman that enjoys when men try hard for them, she wants to meet her or get her number, she refuses but still smiles and talks with you. In that particular case, you just need to keep trying because she likes that and enjoys it, and she will eventually give you all her info, or even kiss with you, or maybe even more, you never know. 

You need to be prepared for everything, so always wear a chewing gum and condom in your pocket, that will also work as a confidence boost. You probably won`t use it, but it will be that it`s there. You can also approach girls on the street with the same attitude and desire, I mean, how many times have happened to you that you saw some pretty girl and wish that you saw her in some club so you could approach her. That thinking is wrong, no matter you see the girl you like, you should approach her, talk to her, find out if she has a boyfriend or if she wants a man in her life. You will never know unless you ask her. Sure it can be troublesome at the start, especially if you just want a woman and don’t want to approach her lol. But to be good with women, first, you must be bad and suck bad with women, get lots of rejection.

That is just how it goes, but not for every man, some men are just born rich and born handsome, that don’t have anything to do until they get older. That is a dream man for a woman, at least to use him for some time. Eventually, every woman just wants to be loved and to feel purpose in her life, it does not matter if you have or want children, If you have someone that will support you in anything, and love you no matter what, you won`t care about anything else.

I think men are most relaxed when they are at a house party and an equal number of girls and men. You can drink a bit and you know there is a good atmosphere in the house. Girls also feel most relaxed and more relaxed towards drinking, so there is your chance too. Take a few drinks, see if some girl Is looking at you, or you can start to look at her first, or just approach her balls in macho man style. Every girl will appreciate it, even if she has a boyfriend or married. So you can choose whatever works for you best, clubs, street, or small friends gatherings which I will recommend if you just started or are too shy.

And there is no need to feel embarrassed, because like I said, we all had to start somewhere, and to become good with girls, first you need to be bad. Just remember that, and you will notice how rejections feel less painful, and success feels a lot better when you make it. And nothing will ever stop you doing and searching for what you like and want.