May 18, 2020

Get what you WANT!

By admin

Ever since the world is created, answer the question “how to marry a girl?” are various and many; they are often determined by what you are looking for – girls for fun and flirting who will not leave you tons of messages and invite you to meet your parents, girls who will wait for you at home in the evening with a cup of coffee and a favorite movie or even any of these two, just to have someone by your side. Depending on that, here are some helpful tips, tested by women, which represent a sure path to what you want to achieve – winning a girl according to your own needs.

The first thing you need to keep in mind if you want to learn how to find a girlfriend for one night and nothing else – everything is mutual. In case you just want to go on a short date tonight, for example, which will most likely end in sex or something similar, you should do it with a person who wants the same as you. Otherwise, it can very easily happen that after that you are haunted for days by romantic messages, invitations, and the attention of a girl who took it all much more seriously than the plan was. It is generally known that a large percentage of women have an aversion to one-night stands for fear of emotions, so you should narrow down your choice to girls who are interested in just that – a crazy night and then each his own.

Let the subject of your interest be girls who did not come accompanied by men, who are alone or who you think would be good for their company – for a start, an approach and an offer to share a drink is enough. If after such a contact he seems interested, you are already halfway there. To get her attention, nicely talk to her, but subtly let her know that she is attractive and observe her reaction to your attempts at flirting, which, if the attraction is mutual, can soon cross boundaries and start as a “fiery” communication. What is an absolute and big NO is treating a girl as a sexual object? In case she does not respond to your efforts in that way and does not seem to be interested in short-term schemes and sex, or in case she is not interested in further types of such conversations, it is best to give up and dedicate yourself to finding another option.

At the first opportunity when there is any intimacy, it is best to immediately clearly define your intentions – so, there are no lies, promises of towers, and cities, pretending some white world love or anything like that. Tell her why you are here, what interests you, and what things you want, thereby showing her that you respect her and that you have no intention of dragging her away and telling empty stories. She is directly sexy. Therefore, without intrusive compliments and attempts to reach the goal like that – too many men make that mistake and that is exactly the reason why their plan fails. And one more thing – if you do not intend to call the girl anymore, do not tell her that you will. Tell her you had a good time, that you had a great time and never send mixed signals – another way to misunderstand. There is no room for any heartbreaking stories, romantic compliments, and any expression of emotions unless you mean it.

That leads us to another choice if you want to find a girl for a relationship. In the life of every young man and man, as opposed to the previous one, there are moments of tiredness from strong casualties and one-night stands, and there is a need for someone who will know and love them more deeply and with whom he will not only have sex but make love. As finding a girlfriend for a relationship is not always so easy, you should start by changing yourself and slowly step towards the goal. No matter how great the desire, the basic rule is to never act as if you are desperate to find someone; so you can only achieve ridicule, maybe even regret. The point is to meet as many people as possible, live or through social networks, and among them, through communication, find someone you will like – someone who deserves attention. If you start to look at yourself as a relaxed guy, you will leave a much better impression on yourself and you will not act like a desperate person, and that is what girls love and appreciate. Forget about copy/paste messages and send messages to every girl on your Facebook list – serious and real men will never do that, it will just show that you don’t know how to find a girl for a relationship or anything else and leave the impression of “flying from a flower to flower”.

The more people you meet spontaneously, the greater the chances that someone worthy of your time is hiding among them. Because – you have to choose. And when you choose, you will understand how to find a girl for a relationship is not that difficult if you are your own man and you have the desire to win someone over.